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What is the row between RM and CWU exactly?

Have been following news on postal workers’ strike for a couple of weeks, I guess I’ve already know what the row between the company and the union was.

It is about pay, about jobs, and about working conditions, isn’t it? All newspaper reports have words like these, but none gave further details, at least during the past couple of weeks when I followed the news.

Until a few minutes ago when I clicked Q&A on BBC website, I finally found out what the row was really about and how it got started.

There was a national strike in 2007, and the deal reached between the Royal Mail and CWU was 2007 Pay and Mordernization Agreement. The disputes rose over the modernization part.

RM now wants to introduce an automic mail-sorting system, which is part of the modernization procedure. However, CWU believes that such a system will get a lot of people presently doing this job laid off, subsequently, more part-time workers will be hired, and staff salary will be cut.

In other words, the Union calls on strike on what might happen instead of what has already happened.

BBC frontpage on 21 Oct 2009

I got this background information online. The top story on BBC  website was US postal strike is to go ahead. Right behind that title and intro is Q&A: Royal Mail’s Dispute. Just one click tells me what I want to know.

This is exactly where websites excel newspapers.  A website is just like a newspaper with unlimited pages. As a story on newspaper frontpage  says “continues on page 3 and 4”, a story on a website says “continues on page 1,202,300,381”, and you don’t have to bother where this page is. One click will take you right there.

The days when we talk about dismal future of newspapers due to the rising of radio are gone; the days when we talk about the dismal future of newspapers and radio due to the spreading of TV are gone; and the days when we talk about the dismal future of newspapers, radio and TV due to the sprouting Internet have already arrived.

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