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Armistic Day

Sorry about my ignorance but I’ve never heard about Armistic Day untile Constantine, our teacher of English for Journalists told us this afternoon.

Well, Armistice Day is on the eleventh day of the eleventh month every year, which commemorates the armistice signed by the Allies and Germany announcing the end of the World War I. China was not involved, so I have an excuse for knowing nothing about it. 🙂

It was interesting to see that this day has so many names in different countries: Armistice of Villa Giusti in Italy, Polish Independence Day in Poland, Veterans Day in US, Remembrance Day in British Commonwealth of Nations, and Day of Peace in Belgium.

Having listed the different names, I realized that I actually knew this day. I’ve heard so much about Veterancs Day. I just didn’t know it is Armistic Day in other former allies countries.

See the powerfulness of US cultural invation. It’s so true that US contributes over 70% of the news around the world.

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