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Back at twitter

Glad to announce that I’m back twittering now! Follow me @ http://twitter.com/padever.

Years ago, I was like an Internet addict, spending over 10 hours per day surfing the web for new and funny staff. When twitter became hot, I joined and started to twitter. I was among the first in China who set their hands on twitter.

But the essence of twitter is instant updating and following, as I understood at that time; however, my friends didn’t twitter. I had no interesting in following people whom I didn’t know. So after a while, I abandoned it.

Years gone, now I’m back. For me, it’s not about following or being followed. I found it a great tool to jot down what I read in the news, especially with a firefox extension that enables instant twittering while reading.

Surprisingly, this wordpress host site has twitter widget. As my memory becomes worse, I really need a handy tool to write things down. At least, this will help the news-of-the-last-week test that we have every Monday morning.


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