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Swine flu vaccine

This is the first news clip I produced all by myself, from story selection to shooting (with the help of Jomanah, my teammate), from script writing to editing, and from voiceover to piece-to-camera.

The defects are obvious in the clip, but I still like it very much.

The most difficult part is to get interviews. I have never imagined that bringing people to talk in front of the camera could so hard, especially when you are just a student and asking for their time just to help you finish your TV assignment.  But after so much efforts, I really felt that this was also a fun part.

I used to edit a lot of news, like three to four pieces almost on a daily basis, but all the pictures were from finished products provided by AP or Reuters. Going out and filming helped me think about pictures from a totally different perspective, because this time, I was creating something instead of processing.

Here’s the script. Any comments are welcome.


The first batch of swine flu vaccines will be delivered today. The NHS in Harrow will distribute them amid prediction that cases of the virus will soar next month.


Children under the age of four are still the most vulnerable group. She shouldn’t have to wait long before she gets her vaccine.

[Denise Thiruchelvam, Public Health Specialist, NHS Harrow:
The vaccine was delivered over a period of three weeks. We are now into the third week, and the final delivery will be this Wednesday.]

Two-thirds of GPs in Harrow now each have 500 doses at hand. Children under 4, pregnant women, and people over 65 will be the first to get vaccinated.

Cases of flu-like illness last week were running at around 37 per hundred thousand people, more than 5 points down over the previous week, which is the first decline in eight weeks.

[Prof. Geoffery Pasvol, Dept. of Infection, St’ Marks Hospital
The predications are after the summer breakout and then the relative quiet period in the holiday period, the case in the next month will increase exponentially and go up to very high levels. ]

Four months ago, swine flu policies moved from containment to a treatment phase. People don’t seem worried about the disease.

[Why would you take a vaccine. People believe in diseases for like three million years. I don’t worry about it.]
[I’m not going to feel paranoid or get too worried about it.]
[No. I haven’t actually, you know, plan to, you know, vaccinated or anything like that.]

A recent Guardian poll shows that over two-thirds of people would refuse the jab. They worry about the vaccine safety and possible side effects. They still prefer to buy regular cold remedies from the chemist.

Doctors in this hospital all took the jab last week. They say the new flu vaccine is safe, and encourage people to take it if their GP suggests. The local NHS Office told us they have been preparing for pandemic flu like this for over three years, and an emergency plan is already on the table. Wangyong, Westminster News, Harrow]

  1. November 17, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    哇,哈哈,大叔,你最后的出镜镜头好牛啊,就是发型有点像劳改犯~啊哈哈,不过片子很专业哦,well done!:))

  2. November 17, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    叔不在乎形象啦,省事最重要。 🙂

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