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Blog by Hugh Hewitt

Blog: understanding the information reformation that’s changing your world is a book written by Hugh Hewitt. It was published in 2005.

Hugh states that the mainstream media will no longer be able to dominate the agenda of the society, particularly political agenda, as bloggers are swarming rapidly as a trustworthy voice.

He gave a lot of examples to prove his points. Here are just a few of them.

  • Senator Trent Lott stepped down as Majority Leader over remarks implying his tendancy to racism;
  • US presidential candidate John Kerry was spotting lying about spending a Christmas even in cambodia as a soldier;
  • CBS presenter Rather ruined his career for reporting faked documents on George W. Bush’s military service record;

You might have read, heard or watched these stories in newspapers or on radio and TV, but they could have died out had it not been for the sake of diligent bloggers. They spontaneously wrote about these stories and successfully pushed them into the mainstream media.

Hugh continues to explain why blogs have become so powerful that they have taken away a big number of audiences from mainstream media.

He then talks about why people like you and me should blog, and what to write about.

A big part of his book is given to examples as mentioned above. It is interesting to see how bloggers spot a story, write about it, and attract so many readers that mainstream media simply can’t neglect these stories. You’ll be amazed at the details that Hugh tracked, such as which blog first wrote about a thing, who else then followed at when, etc.

Blog is actually not a book that tells you how to blog, by which I mean it doesn’t tell you any technological knowledge about starting a blog. Hugh does suggest what topics you can blog about, but he stops there without going into details. He doesn’t talk about online writing skills, either.

This book is recommended by my Online Journalism teacher David Dunkley Gyimah, and I bought it from Amazon.

If you are interested, I can lend it to you, for one week, but you can renew it unless it is requested by someone else, just as our library regulates. 🙂

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