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That one talk that inspires you

If you “sacrifice” one year, you’ll get back much more than what you lose for the present.

One of my lecturers told me this today, but not to me. I’m not even close to as good as he is. This is what his teacher told him when he was in college.

He was smart, really smart. As a DJ, he made 200 pounds a week back in the late 1980s. He hanged out nights after nights; he drank a lot; and it was reasonable to assume he skipped classes a lot.

Then one day his teacher told him that if he wanted to achieve something, he needed to give up his “luxurious” life and focus on study; and after one year, he would get back what he lost and even more than that.

He did what his teacher said, because he was smart. He knew what was right and what was wrong. Years later, like his teacher said, he got everything he deserved.


I felt so much like studying after listening to his story. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time in the past two months.

Sometimes all you need is just that one talk to get yourself enlighted. And that person who gives you such a talk is like a mentor.

My lecturer might not have even realized how important his words were. To him, well, he just told a story of himself, but to me, it was something huge to take in.

A college or school might have many good teachers, well, excellent and outstanding ones, but if they don’t have someone who could act as a mentor, I doubt students will miss the college or school too much.

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