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Movie review: Avatar

No dazzling stars. An expense worth $500mln. And a 3D wonderland never seen before. Based on a 5-star rating system, I give the 3D movie Avatar 6. Yes, you read me right. SIX.

Avatar is a story about an indigenous race called Na’vi fighting against humans who intruded their planet Pandora for minerals.

Director James Cameron imposed his ideology against war in this movie. You can hear the buzzwords in his movie such as “preemptive strike”, “shock and awe”, etc.

You can also hear the heroic declarations such as “they think they can take whatever they want; no, they can’t; this is our land” (not the exact quote).

One mind going into another body is not so much an original idea, but the beauty of the planet created with CGI, computer-generated imaging, is really breath-taking. It is a fluorescent world new to our visual entertainment. There is nothing to compare with, and my words are too limited and pale to describe it for you.

Huge investment

Mr. Cameron first came up with Avatar idea 15 years ago, but he had to put it on shelf for a while as the technology was not sophisticated enough to visualize his envisions.

When he finally started, the movie consumed an astonishing amount of money estimated to be $200-300mln. Plus the high-profile marketing, total expenses are expected to be close to $500mln.

However, the last movie Cameron directed, Titanic, brought in $1.8bln for the investors. They have enough reasons to believe that this movie will success as well.

Avatar fans

Avatar 3D is not a 3D movie in the traditional sense, by which I mean there is nothing suddenly flying to your face to beg for that “ah”.

It brings a new perspective of 3D movie production. The world created in the movie is like another Harry Potter magic world.

Less than a week after the movie is on, it has attracted many fans. Avatar movie fansite is an example.

Try to google “avatar movie”, as by now at 23:26 on 22 December, you’ll get 120,000,000 results. If you just google “avatar”, you’ll get 562,000,000 results, with all the top five among the first 10 results actually about the movie and only two about computer user representations.

I watched it in Vue cinema in Harrow last Friday, and I’m going to watch it again on the 26*20-meter screen in BFI IMX.

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    For the film Avatar’s floating “Hallelujah Mountains”, the designers drew inspiration from “many different types of mountains, but mainly the karst limestone formations in China.” According to production designer Dylan Cole, the fictional floating rocks were inspired by Mount Huang (also known as Huangshan) and the mountains of the Hunan province, among others around the world. Director Cameron had noted the influence of the Chinese peaks on the design of the floating mountains, saying at a December 2009 press conference in Beijing, “all we had to do was simply recreate Huangshan Mountain in outer space. When Cameron was asked if he got the idea for the floating mountains from an album cover of the rock band Yes, he replied with a laugh, “It might have been … Back in my pot-smoking days.”

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