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Laptop in 3 years time

July 5, 2010 2 comments

Check out the draft graph of laptop in three years time. It might look so for the purpose of multi-task management screen and 3D mouse operation.

laptop in 3 years time

Compared with present laptops, the future version will have a much bigger screen composed of one big screen and two small ones on both sides in order to perform multi-tasks better. If the small screens are not needed, they can be folded to the back of the main screen or slided into the main screen. Where the smalle ones hide is not a problem. The real challenge is how to make seamless connection between the three screens.

For easy control, there will be a stick mouse, with buttons on the stick, just like the controlling stick you use to fly a helicopter. This is necessay because the future system will be 3D, and a stick mouse will make 3D feel more real.

Of course, there will also be a touch screen pen. (Needless to say, the screen is touchable, right?)

I include an alternative touch pad design which is supposed to be hand sensitive, meaning you can move your hand or finger above the touchpad without actually touching it.