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David Cameron’s “community right-to-buy” policy

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

David Cameron said recently that local people and organizations will be given first refusal to take over community amenities such as library, post office, sports centers, pubs, etc.

The conservative party aired Party Political Broadcast yesterday, which was very much like an election campaign advertising.

The whole clip lasts nearly 5 minutes. I was really astonished to watch it on TV, because quite obviously, this clip was broadcast as an advertising, and such a long ad. would cost the conservative party a fortune.

At first glance, you will most probably be attracted by Mr. Cameron’s eloquence in answering questions, particularly the confidence he revealed while talking to a group of questioners.

Given it a second thought, I find there are too many signs that the Q&A was not authentic but a set-up shot, no matter how good those questioners perform.

I didn’t say that they were actors. They might be real persons, by which I mean they are who they say themselves are. But they must have been told beforehand and might have been particularly invited to the site.

I don’t know if the conservative party regularly puts clips like this on TV; if not, then it’s obvious that Mr. Cameron’s election campaign has already started.